Have you ever felt as though you wanted to learn more about the construction industry, but you had a hard time finding the information? It is how many of us felt when we were first interested in the industry. Sure, you can go online and you can see what companies are hiring in the area. And you will get some generic, business articles about how a construction company is starting a project that is worth millions. But that is not the type of information we are talking about.

We are referring to in depth information about the way the industry works. How are certain processes completed? How do companies get those big contracts? And what is it like to work in construction? These are the questions that we want to answer. And it is what we strive to do in every issue of our magazine. We want to make sure that you are getting a full picture of the industry, not only locally but around the nation.

One of our most popular sections is the profile section. It is where we take a particular company, worker or executive in the industry and do a profile on them. Sometimes we will have more than one profile in the issue. It is all about shining a light on those who make the construction industry special.

A way that we differentiate our magazine from others is by ensuring that we are not only profiling high profile individuals. You can read a profile about a CEO anywhere. But you will rarely read about the experiences of the average construction worker at an asphalt paving contractor in Saginaw.

It is that type of information that we want to bring to our readers. We want to ensure that you are getting the full scope of information about our industry. It is what our magazine will continue to do with every issue!